Forklifts, forklift accessories, attachments and more to compliment your material handling needs

We have the forklifts you need with new and used models in stock. New fork lift trucks can also be ordered to meet your specifications. Demos, quotes, and leasing options available.

Brands of Forklift Trucks available:

New Doosan Forklifts


New Heli lift trucks in Pittsburgh

New Heli Forklifts

New forklifts from Harlo

New HARLO Forklifts

New Sideloading forklift trucks from Lancer

New Bulmor Sideloaders

Forklift Attachments:

Sideshifters, fork positioners, rotators, paper-roll clamps and much more.  For our complete line of forklift attachments please Call 724-898-2000 NOW for more information!

Forklift Paper Roll attachemnts

Paper Roll Attachment

Forklift accessories to make material handling easier

Multiple Forklift Accessories

Fork extensions for forklifts

Extended Forks for Lift Trucks

Industrial Batteries and Battery Chargers

We carry the Crown line of industrial batteries for IC and Electric forklifts.  Call 724-898-2000 Now for pricing and information on how we can provide the forklift batteries to meet your needs.

Batteries for industrial equipment and electric forklifts

Industrial Equipment Batteries

Battery packs for industrial equipment and forklift trucks

Battery packs for forklifts

Battery chargers for industrial equipment

PowerHouse Industrial Battery Chargers

Allied Products:

Langer Material Handling, Inc. provides many other products for industrial use including: Dock Equipment, Rolling Ladders, Self-Dumping Hoppers, Strip Doors, Pallet Rack & Shelving, and much more.  Call 724-898-2000 for the complete list of products available for your factory, manufacturing facility or industrial application.

Industrial and Commercial Racking & Shelving

Commercial & Industrial Racking and Shelving

Commercial rolling ladders

Rolling Ladders

Truck loading dock ramps and accessories

Truck Dock Accessories

Insulating and protecting door strips for commercial applications

Door Strip Protectors

Dumping hoppers for commercial and industrial usage

Commercial Dumping Hoppers

We Also Offer Used Products

For information on all of our used product inventory Call Now 724-898-2000 or contact us via email or use our convenient contact form here.