New Bulmor Side Loading Forklifts

Powerful agility. Phenomenal ability.

Bulmor side loading IC and Electric forklifts

New Sideloaders are available from Langer Material Handling!

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Why Sideloaders?

When you need to move a long load, the sidelift forklift truck has no rival. Compared with a conventional forklift, the sidelift is a complete one-man, one-truck handling system. It will work faster, in less space, with greater safety. And because it works in less space, it leaves more space for storage.

Lancer sidloader narrow aisle operation

Lancer Sideloaders can maximize warehouse space by minimizing aisle needs

A sidelift truck carries its load parallel to the direction of travel. It doesn’t need extra wide doorways, gangways, or large turning areas. It can stack, handle, and travel in aisles only a fraction wider than itself.

Wide load lumber and pipe handling

A wide load is accommodated more easily and efficiently

If the load is significantly wider than a forklift, chances are a sidelift is the truck you need.
lumber transport over rough terrain

Lancer Sideloading forklifts transport long bulky loads safely over rough terrain


While traveling, a sidelift carries the load on a flat, stable platform. So the forks and mast suffer less wear and tear. And the load itself remains unstressed, undistorted, undamaged.

Sideloading forklift safely transports materials over rough terrain

Even weight distribution over wider area for stability

A typical sidelift truck can weigh less than a conventional forklift of the same capacity. Its weight, laden or unladen, is evenly distributed over all four wheels. So there’s less need for high-strength, high-quality surfaces, and less wear and tear on travel areas.

Why Bulmor?

Because Bulmor sideloaders are built to the world's best proven, most popular, most refined design. They incorporate more practical experience than any other sideloader.

Fast Work…

For high productivity, Bulmor sidelifts have fast fork lifting and lowering speeds. With platform / mast tilt, they work without jacks, saving even more time.

Cabs and controls are designed to help the operator get the best out of the truck at all times.

Cabs are suspended on flexible mountings to eliminate fatiguing vibration. Foot pedals and hand controls are positioned for natural, comfortable use. Seating is fully adjustable. Instruments are few, warning indicators are easy to see. The cab environment is controllable and comfortable, and visibility is clear.

Safe Work…

Bulmor sidelifters have a long wheelbase and wide track, with a low center of gravity. Laden and unladen weight distribution mean ample lateral stability and generous safety margins at speed. Safe progressive braking (vital on a lift truck) comes from large, power assisted, cool-running drum or disk brakes.  Bulmor sideloaders also have effective hydrostatic braking function.

Smooth Work…

Bulmor sidelift hydraulic systems use the highest quality components. They run on triple-filtered oil. The systems stay cool and components last longer. Hydraulic breakdowns essentially become a thing of the past.

Easy Work…

Bulmor sidelifts demand very little in the way of service and maintenance. Wearing parts have been eliminated wherever possible. Every routine service point is readily accessible. Every major component can be easily removed and replaced.

Precise Work…

Full power hydrostatic steering uses a single double-ended cylinder. Troublesome moving parts like track rods, bushings, and ball joints, are eliminated. Steering is accurate and finger-light, without kickback.

Safety Fast 4-Point Suspension…

On every Bulmor sidelift, the axles have interconnected hydraulic suspension cylinders on the cab side, and pivot mountings on the load side. This forms a hydraulically dampered suspension system, ensuring 4-wheel contact and a smoother ride over uneven ground. The Bulmor suspension system tilts the platform, mast and forks together.  Bulmor suspension means safe jackless operation with 100% rated load.

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