Combilift Multi-Directional Forklifts

Handling materials in all directions…and making short work of long loads.

multi directional side loading fork lift trucks

Narrow Aisles? Tight Accesses? Storage Constraints? Combilift to the rescue!

Suitable for use both inside and out, the multi-directional forklift can operate in aisles as narrow as 2 meters (80").

Total Flexibility - Three Machines in One: "Counterbalance Forklift; Sideloader; Aisle Truck."

Two engineers combined 40 years of knowledge and practical experience has created the ultimate long-load material handling solution: The Combilift.

Combilift is the world's first IC engine-powered all-wheel-drive multidirectional forklift, and a sideloader, it's highly maneuverable, very safe, truly cost effective, and supremely efficient. The Combilift is an engine-powered, multi-directional forklift designed primarily for handling long loads in confined areas. Robust construction provides maximum strength and reliability while its low profile platform design ensures optimum stability and safer product handling.

pipe lumber and bulky load handling

Handle long bulky loads easily

Save space and increase efficieny in warehousing with a Combilift side loading fork lift truck

Combilift is perfect for long loads in narrow aisles

Electric mulit directional sideloading Combilift

4-way Combilift electric side loading forklift

Combilift Capabilities:
  • Handling engineered wood is just one of an increasing number of applications benefiting from the Combilift's versatility.
  • A 'quick-release' four-fork attachment is available for use with extra long loads.
  • Block stacking and high-bay storage are easily accommodated with the flexible Combilift.
  • The Combilift can also work as a conventional counter balance forklift handling cube loads.
  • The Combilift is capable of working in un-paved yards and semi-rough terrain.
  • Space savings can be more than 50% in warehouses and yards, depending on the type of product stored and the existing aisle width.
  • 4 way multi-directional steering system means you move forwards, backwards, and sideways... it's anything but ordinary.
  • This patented feature turns all three wheels automatically within seconds. Combine the easy to use all-wheel drive steering system with the Combilift's high visibility and your driver will be provided with instinctive control and maneuverability with very little effort.
  • To suit your business requirements, the Combilift offers flexible mast height and attachments and can be fitted with a number of application specific attachments including: fork positioners and spreaders, four-fork attachments for long flexible loads, and telescopic or tilting forks.
  • Among other features, a suspension seat is standard inside the rubber mounted enclosed cabin.
  • Productivity is enhanced through reduced driver fatigue and superior control.
  • Ergonomically designed cabin maximizes operator safety, comfort, control, and visibility.
Combilift side lift narrow aisle operation

Narrow aisle guide rollers

Combilift narrow aisle side loaders

Space saving narrow aisle operation

Combilift 4 way electric side loaders

Easily navigate tight spaces

long load material handling in tight spaces

Pipe & Long lumber applications

Guide rollers can be installed for narrow aisle applications. Guide rollers help to increase efficiency and reduce damage costs by accurately navigating aisles preventing damage to shelving, products and material handling equipment.

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