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Junghenrich Palette Jacks

Jungheinrich® Benefits:

  • Modern Solutions For Your Warehousing Needs

  • Economical, reliable and application-oriented

  • Jungheinrich®, featuring a complete line of industrial warehousing trucks, is known for its design and development of state-of-the-art, technologically superior forklift trucks.

  • With various versions to choose from, you will always find the best truck for your application. Thanks to the fully enclosed AC motors and electronic systems with SAAB connectors, it's possible to use these trucks even in harsh environments where heavy dirt, dust and moisture may be present.

  • Call us at (724) 898-2000 to discuss the advantages of owning Jungheinrich products.

  • Fully supported by industry leading dealerships like Langer Material Handling, Inc. to provide extensive products and services.

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